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♠typical prototype♠


Danielle. 22.

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.the girl
fandoms Merlin. Terminator series. Star Wars. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dollhouse. Firefly. Harry Potter. Heroes. The Tudors. Little Women. Pirates of the Caribbean. Supernatural.

ships Arthur/Gwen. Anakin/Padme. Han/Leia. James/Lily. Ron/Hermione. Faith/Buffy. Anya/Xander. Angel/Buffy/Spike. Angel/Darla. Tristan/Isolde. Will/Elizabeth. Kyle/Sarah. Simon/Kaylee. Jo/Laurie. Victor/Sierra
.the fandoms
films Indiana Jones I, II, III, IV. Spider-Man I, II, III. Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. Marie Antoinette. Lady Jane. Interview With A Vampire. Tristan + Isolde. Moulin Rouge. Titanic. A Very Long Engagement. Juno. The Virgin Suicides. Romeo + Juliet. Stand By Me. Atonement. Pride and Prejudice. Mean Girls. Becoming Jane. The Ring. Nightmare on Elm Street. Legally Blonde. Walk The Line. Final Destination I, II, III. Knocked Up. Lethal Weapon. Little Miss Sunshine. The Count of Monte Cristo. Finding Neverland. The Devil Wears Prada. A Guide To Recognising Your Saints. Northanger Abbey. Girl, Interrupted. Poltergeist. Bring It On. Halloween.

tv Hollyoaks. Eastenders. Blackadder. 'Allo, 'Allo. Ugly Betty. Absolutely Fabulous. Scrubs. Medium.

books Northanger Abbey. Pride and Prejudice. Emma, Mansfield Park. Anything written by Antonia Fraser. The Other Boleyn Girl. The Boleyn Inheritence.

music Madonna. Lily Allen. Britney Spears. Snow Patrol. Oasis. Duffy. Eminem. Pink. Spice Girls. Stacie Orrico. the Sugababes. Blondie. Robbie Williams. Radiohead. Katy Perry. Duffy. Nelly Furtado.
.the other likes
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a very long engagement, alona tal, alyson hannigan, anakin skywalker, anakin/padme, angel coulby, angel/buffy/spike, angel/darla, anne boleyn, anne hathaway, antonia fraser, anya jenkins, anya/xander, anything with costumes, arthur pendragon, arthur/guinevere, arthur/gwen, becoming jane, billie piper, blackadder, books, bradley james, brb going to camelot, britney spears, btvs, buffy, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/faith, carrie fisher, charisma carpenter, christian bale, chuck, chuck/sarah, colin morgan, cordelia/xander, darla, darla/angel, deadpanned sarcasm, dean winchester, dollhouse, duffy, dusk, dvds, elizabeth i, emilia fox, emma, evil!morgana, faith/buffy, fanfiction, fantasy, felicity jones, firefly, fred burkle, give-enver-gjokaj-an-emmy, glee, graphics, guinevere, guineverrrre, gwen, gwen/arthur, han/leia, harry potter, hating mushed ship names, hermione/ron, heroes, history, horror movies, j.k. rowling, jack/rose, james/lily, jane austen, jewel staite, jo/laurie, johnny depp, jonathan creek, kate winslet, kathryn howard, katie mcgrath, katy perry, kaylee/simon, kristen bell, kyle reese, kyle/sarah, laurie/jo, leia organa, leia/han, leonardo dicaprio, lilly kane, lily allen, lily evans, lily/james, little women, logan echolls, logan/veronica, manchester united, mansfield park, marie antoinette, mary queen of scots, merlin, morgause, natalie dormer, nelly furtado, northanger abbey, otp, oz/willow, padme/anakin, period films, potc, pride & prejudice, pride and prejudice, pro-choice, qi, ron/hermione, rose/jack, sarah connor, sarah walker, sarah/chuck, sarah/kyle, sci-fi, serenity, shrimp chow mein, sierra, sierra/victor, simon/kaylee, star wars, stefan/elena, stephen fry, strawberry cheesecake, supernatural, t:tscc, tara/willow, terminator, the boleyn inheritance, the other boleyn girl, the tudors, the vampire diaries, titanic, trina echolls, tristan + isolde, vanilla ice cream, veronica mars, veronica/logan, victor/sierra, wash/zoe, willow/oz, willow/tara, xander/anya, xander/cordelia, zoe/wash